Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Free Time

Throughout the past week I have been learning all the places to go around the area. Some are great and some I will have to stay away from for my body's sake. There is a gym called fitness first that's about a seven minute walk from my place. Only 15 dollars a week for unlimited work outs, I say it's a deal. Last friday night Caressa Nastassia and I all went to the United service which is all ages of youth combined. Worship was amazing. After, some girls in my house invited us to all go to Max Brenner. This place is a chocolate cafe from heaven. We had a chocolate covered waffle, strawberries and bananas. According to all the new friends it was a must and it was definitely worth it. I just made sure to run a little further the next morning.
Last night I went out in the city for some of my favorite new friends farewell night. They just finished their year here and have to go home back to New Zealand now. I love Kellie and I am going to miss her a lot. Ten of us went out salsa dancing then walked through the city to a twenty-four hour restaurant called Pancakes on the Rocks.
It is right next to the Harbour Bridge and has the most delightful pancakes I have ever tasted. (but another place that's not good for the diet I'm working on) The night was long and by the time we arrived home it took about five seconds to fall asleep. Nights like those are the best. Good times with new friends, and it's only the beginning of my stay.

Thursday and Friday we go to the church to enroll for our classes. I am excited about getting my schedule and starting school, all of the students have said I will love it. I have also been dropping off my resume's at every place that will take them. Say a little prayer for me, I need to get one of the many jobs I have applied for.

Yesterday I found myself a little sad and missing home, but I have to keep in mind that that's a part of being away and to stay busy is key. Skype is a wonderful invention and will be the reason I make it through the next four months. I will post again soon!

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