Sunday, January 9, 2011

NY Resolution.. Blog More

Since I have been greatly slacking with keeping up with this blog over the last couple of months, I have decided that I am going to make it my New Years resolution to blog more. I honestly think that I'm just now getting the time to sit and focus long enough to complete my thoughts. The end of October and beginning of November brought my 19th birthday and exams. Not the best combination, but I managed to finish my first semester at Hillsong with great grades and friends that have become my family. When the big day to come home finally came around, I couldn't believe it. It was definitely the fastest five months of my life and the most inside out changing I have ever experienced individually. Coming home was like a dream. Hugging my mom, dad, and sisters for the first time can not really be explained, I missed them so much. Both of my sisters are like my best friends and I think being apart just made the bond even stronger. After arriving home, I remember thinking "I have over a month to be home, it will feel like forever"and now, moving into my last week in Georgia, I can't believe my return is here.
My break home has been delightful, filled with my favorite families, friends, foods, and church. Not to mention all of my most missed American things. Having no schedule or responsibility for the last two months has been the life. Everything started off well with surprising my family and a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. We even made time for a boat ride and tubing before winterizing the boat! Girls night with the girls who complete me did not take long to organize, they are the friends who will never be replaced... one of a kind. We could be separated for months and nothing would ever change. Caressa and I got a little itch for adventure and decided to go to Laguna Beach California for a few days and enjoyed sunshine, shopping, and Disney Land. Anywhere that I can be a child.. I'm in. My little sister Emily is in her first year of high school playing Varsity basketball, watching her play has been the highlight of my break. We made sure her big fan club was there each game. Seeing how much she has improved in only 5 months blows me away. I blinked and it was Christmas, my first white Christmas! It couldn't haven been more perfect. I definitely caught myself sitting back and thinking "How blessed am I?" multiple times, God is so good. My mom, sisters, and I had a girls day following Christmas in Atlanta and went to Cirque Du Soleil.. so awesome! Inspired me to be a trapeze artist on the side. One week later, I was with my friend John heading down to Pensacola Florida to be with our best friends for New years. Many laughs and fun memories were made, much needed before parting ways for ten months. It seems all of my friends have done a good job of getting out of Gainesville Georgia, our home town. Passion Conference began on New Years day. I can not think of a better way to start 2011, it was incredible. 22,000 college students gathered together in Atlanta to start the year encountering God. If there is any way you can get the messages from Passion 2011 I highly suggest it. Passion was so challenging and helped me establish many goals for the new year. The heart and vision behind that conference is golden.
Reflecting on my break, I have realized that my expectations were greatly exceeded. My goal was to continually grow with God and stay on track while I have been home and I feel like I'm falling more and more in love daily. Adjusting to the difference of environments was a challenge, but reality. My eyes have been opened to so many things as far as my walk with God, where I want to go next, and things that I should and should not be investing my time into. I was given the privilege of speaking to 5 school's FCA programs throughout the break and God is definitely moving and working in the lives of our youth in this area. It is so encouraging to see students that love God and want to change their school. Next Saturday I leave the United States to return to Australia until November 2011. It will not be so easy, I am really enjoying being with my family, but I know Australia is where I'm suppose to be. I am very expectant for what is in store for this year and overjoyed to be a part of a world changing church like Hillsong. Not to mention my home church, Free Chapel. I might not know exactly what is ahead for me, but I do know who is controlling my future and that leaves me with such an indescribable peace. I'll make sure to keep posting what is going on as next semester at Hillsong College begins. I'm hoping round two will consist of zero hospital visits. Ha.

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