Thursday, March 10, 2011

Season Change

I am currently at my breaking point, if I do not get out of my house tomorrow I might just have to go insane. Yesterday morning I wokeup with a throbbing headache, sore throat, and the infamous runny nose... yes, the seasons are changing. I have done everything I can think of that involves staying in bed: read, journal, sleep, skype friends, Facebook, Twitter, and now Blog. After I finish this post I have no idea what I will do.
On the positive note, being sick has not really had an effect on me besides that I had to miss one of my favorite days of the week at school. (Wednesdays) Even when I am feeling my worst, I have discovered I can not escape the joy that God continuously fills me with every day. I am so blessed to be where I am, sick or well. I have not a thing to complain about! Tuesday, March first, Ryan and I combined our connect groups for the first time and it was incredible. We had people coming in with food, music, and excited attitudes! The atmosphere was like family and most people were only meeting for he first time. Ryan and I kept glancing at each other throughout the night just shaking our heads in awe that our first connect meeting was going even better than we prayed or expected. God is so good, he has for sure surprised me in many ways each week and it only gets better. We just pray that people would experience spiritual growth like never before in our connect group and that God can use all of us to do big things! We are a like family and it's only the beginning!!
While I was home yesterday I was given probably the best type of medicine, skyping with my family. They were all together for my dads birthday dinner and just hearing from them, laughing, and catching up had it's own way of making me feel so much better. Plus, Dad broke the news that Emily is getting to stay with me here in Australia the ENTIRE month of July! We are so excited and I keep catching myself already planning the things we will do when she is here. Today I skyped with my best friends from back home Mal and Hannah and it made me so happy. Right when I saw them on my screen I was smiling for the rest of the time we talked. No matter how long we go without talking or catching up nothing ever changes. I love them so much. Last week I got to skype with two of my Obrien babies and they always make me laugh. I have just gotten all kinds of love from home lately!

Church, work, and school are my life right now and it makes the weeks fly by. "Colour," the women's conference Hillsong hosts every year, is next week and it seems like just yesterday that we were saying, "Eight more weeks until Colour!" I'm making sure to soak everything in because before I know it, my first year will be over and my second year will be starting! Everything here is going too good to take a single day for granite, it's where the preparation for the rest of my life begins. These leaders pouring into my life and the friends encouraging me are doing so much more than I give them credit for, I am incredibly thankful. I don't think I could ever explain what goes on here well enough, you just have to come see for yourself. :)

check out this link to get a preview of what Hillsong college is all about! More information to come on this site in April 2011!