Thursday, October 21, 2010

Beach Trauma

I have decided that I am the world's worst about making time to keep this thing updated. I have never felt as if time was passing by so quickly inmy life. The months feel like weeks and the weeks like days. It's hard to put into words what is going on here at Hillsong college and in my life. I feel like I stay surprised.

I returned from our mid semester break a week ago. Some friends of mine and I decided to volunteer at the ACC conference in Port Macquarie for five days of our break and it was well worth it. I was asked to photograph the conference for my "volunteer job"... that's not a job for me at all. I got to do the hobby I love most for the entire trip. Which included paid accommodation, transportation fuel, and meals. Plus some of my favorite friends went on the trip as well. We had free time aside from helping with the conference and got to spend it on the beach, at the bay, or at some of the shops that were near where we were staying. There was only one minor set back of the trip. On the last full day of our stay, I went with the youth to photograph camel riding. The camel ride was so awesome, but what happened after... not so much. We climbed these huge rocks on the beach and as I was getting down I stepped on a ledge that was not stable. It broke and my foot came down on the sharp rocks under the ledge. My foot and toe were sliced open and the pain was surprisingly bearable. I looked down to find a huge puddle of blood under my foot immediately after it happened and it scared me to even look at what had happened. The two girls that were with me carried me to our group down the beach where they all bandaged up my foot well enough to get me to the ER. By the end of the dayI had 7 stitches in my left foot and did it all without a single tear. :) It really wasn't so bad and I am hoping that will be my last visit to the hospital while living in Australia.
Port Macquarie was a great and definitely unforgettable experience. I put together a highlight video of the trip, you can check it out here:

Now that school as started back, we are in the final count down. Only 3 more weeks of classes after this week. Thinking about that is crazy and really weird. I don't feel like I have been here long enough to be finished with my first semester. I am going to be home and spending time with my family and my friends before I know it. My birthday is in 9 days and I am pretty excited. Everyone here thinks I am a baby because I am only turning 19, last year as a teenager! I think we are all going to go camping in the Blue Mountains to celebrate. Fingers crossed.

Just because I am not elaborating on what God is doing in my life in this entry doesn't mean he is working any less. I am still left in amazement by how God continues to change and transform my life. I can't wait to come home and get involved and be a part of what's going on at Free Chapel over the break.

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